Organizational Structure

This organization has five departments which are Assistance & Consulting Group; Innovation Business Group; Intelligence Development Group; Small & Medium Enterprise Development Academy; and Administration Group which are responsible for the following functions respectively:

(I) Assistance & Consulting Group

  1. Help enterprises to improve their financial management systems.
  2. Assist small & medium enterprises in investment and financing.
  3. Assist enterprises in handling financial crises.
  4. Assist enterprises in operation and formulation of debt repayment plans.
  5. Help enterprises establish their internal control and internal audit systems.
  6. Help enterprises in independent bookkeeping and establishment of their accounting systems.
  7. Engage in accounting review, financial consulting and other businesses for special cases.
  8. Assist bank clients in the enhancement of financial competitiveness.
  9. Provide services related to financial and technological platforms.
  10. Other related businesses.

(II) Innovation Business Group

  1. Promote and implement R&D and subsidy plans of the government.
  2. Design and electronize subsidy plan service processes and forms.
  3. Promote and implement R&D loan plans of the government.
  4. Provide business owners counseling services for plans.
  5. Promote and implement plan results of the government.
  6. Plan and implement small clusters of emerging market technology trend sectors.
  7. Plan and implement innovation application workshops.
  8. Promote the cooperation between business owners both at home and abroad.
  9. Other related businesses.

(III) Intelligence Development Group

  1. Research and development of innovation businesses.
  2. Operate community platforms and share knowledge.
  3. Establish and maintain the website of this organization.
  4. Provide enterprise cloud financial health inspection services.
  5. Propaganda of various services of this organization.
  6. Maintain a database of members.
  7. Plan and develop the business planning of this organization.
  8. Other related businesses.

(IV)Small & Medium Enterprise Development Academy

  1. Train talents for enterprises.
  2. Develop innovation training businesses.
  3. Plan and implement on-line learning courses.
  4. Promote and implement regional administrative learning communities.
  5. Hold various seminars for enterprises.
  6. Organize training courses for professional licenses for financial consultants.
  7. Plan and implement internal training for enterprises.
  8. Establish a HR database for professional financial talents.
  9. Other related businesses.

(V) Administration Group

  1. Engage in financial work and formulate budgets and final statements of the organization.
  2. Engage in financial planning and fund allocation and management.
  3. Recruit, appoint and train talents and manage remuneration benefits.
  4. Engage in discussion issues of directors and supervisors.
  5. Engage in legal affairs, legal compliance and risk control
  6. Organize internal and external communication and coordination and handle public affairs.
  7. Manage clerical, general and other affairs.
  8. Plan and establish the information system and engage in information security management.