About Us

The original name of this organization is “Taiwan Small Business Integrated Assistance Center”. It was a legal foundation which was established on July 1, 1982, and funded by the previous 7 banks that directly affiliated to Taiwan government. The vision is aiming to cooperate in the policy of the government for the development of Small & medium enterprises. The mission is providing comprehensive counseling, assist in financing, improve financial management and train professional talents, in order to strengthen the operation of Small & medium enterprises and enhance their competitiveness. Subsequently, it became affiliated to the Ministry of Finance in 1999 due to its excellent cooperation with the government, which yielded outstanding results, and it was renamed on October 1, 2002 as Small & Medium Enterprise Counseling Foundation. It became affiliated to the Ministry of Economic Affairs as ordered by the Executive Yuan in April 2003, for the purpose of strengthening the counseling for Small & medium enterprises. It was then renamed as Taiwan Small & Medium Enterprise Counseling Foundation in August 2005, which name is still valid today.